Sunday, 10 January 2010


I have just trudged through the snow to check on the geese... its amazing! The snow is covered with hundreds of animal tracks... rabbets, a badger, pheasants, and of course good old Mr Fox. I see that a fox has circled the pen, tried to get under the goose house, taken note of the electric fence, and then backed off. A really good option if you are troubled by a fox and yet dont want to go to the trouble and cost of an electric fence, is to hang tin cans on wires... the fox is really put off if he hears a clatter or sees a movement that he doesnt understand. We have a neighbour who has rigged his chicken run up with an infra red sensor and a camera with a flash... seems like a lot of fun. All that said we reckon that the best defence against the fox is vigilance... lots of visits and constant check-ups on the fence, gate catches, and such. But then again we have two dogs, plus... I do have a very nice shot gun! Bang bang! Not very pretty I know, but.... when needs must!


  1. Hi Alan.. after all the snow in Cornwall (which is a new thing to the community) I can also seen tracks and footprints... and they are my Neighbours... leading right up to our fence (so I'm thinking of setting up an electric system too).. or may be as .. when needs must!

  2. I don't think its right to shoot a fox unless you are going to eat it. Do you eat foxes?