Wednesday, 30 March 2011


1. For Gill and I self-sufficiency equates with self reliance…. Our mantra is.. “little out and little” We see our plot as a desert island – like Robinson Crusoe – he had no choice other than to produce his own food and clothes
2. There are moderations… we started modest – with insulation and then worked forward with solar heating, growing food, livestock and all the rest.
3. We started at Art School in the late 60’s and went on from there. We really made the move at the time of the 70’s oil crisis
4. I drew inspiration from my grandpa… he could do everything. When I wanted a knife he made one from scratch… he made a forge, heated metal and all the rest… its what people did way back
5. Role models… Thoreau, Robinson Crusoe, William Cobbett… stores Catcher in The Rye, Coral Island, Lord of the Flies… I loved the notion of doing my own thing
6. Biggest challenge… doing stuff that parents/teachers/Church/friends say is wrong
7. Much harder now when people seem to like being part of the herd… much more difficult now to…l “switch off, drop out and tune in”
8. Insulate house, grow food and turn the house over to passive solar heating
9. Insulation and working from home has saved us a huge amount of money… don’t have to spend out on car/fuel/clothes and stuff
10. We have 4 acres… friend in Scotland has 2 acres and a shoreline – for fishing – guy in Spain has 50 acres of desert and scrub -….. it depends on your needs and aims
11. Can be done in city… we have a friend who purchased a brown site – lots of concrete – he has bees and goats and trades at car boot sales… he is doing very well
12. Start by listing your needs and ambitions. It all starts in your head. Most important of all its got to be fun. If you are going to wear lots of clothes in winter, burn wood, get a bike and all the rest… then you have to see it all as a pleasuresome and joyous activity.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Hello Ramsey... so you ask the questions... Alan

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hello out there...
Are you in any way self-sufficient? If the answer is YES.... then how would you like to be a part of our next book? Our next book - still in the early planning stages - will be in the form of real life case studies. If you take part we will ask you about your particular self-sufficiency adventure... who you are, where you are, how got where you are, your vision, you inspiration etc etc. We will ask for photographs.... and so on and on. We see this book as being a sort of inspiration manual for people who are dreaming about going off-grid. It could be very exciting. If you are interested please let us know. Best wishes.... Alan